The phone is glossy so fingerprints will show

Regarding online security involving data, application number uses advance security measures like powerful firewalls, anti adware, 128 bit files encryption, SQL procedure, etc. User data will be stored in number of data centres positioned at different regions exempt from natural calamities. Data is guaranteed in technically advance first class data centres.

The use of smart e assistants is accelerating, offering what is rapidly becoming a mobile electronic concierge available on any smart device, including phones, tablets, televisions and cars. Stand alone audio assistants such as Amazon Echo and Google Home will expand rapidly into business and governmental applications. Soon retailers will have a Siri like sales assistant, and soon many of us will be using an e personal health assistant that taps into the real time health data from a smart watch to predict potential problems and offer suggestions..

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Engineers and Information Techology specialists will be crucial to the improvement of human capabilities by coming up with innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions to a broad range of today’s problems. They could be engineering the tools for the next amazing scientific discovery, space transportation, making solar power economical; designing biomedical device interfaces, securing cyberspace; enhancing our living environments; providing access to clean water or restoring, supporting mining and construction projects and improving urban infrastructure.The Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies runs postgraduate degree programs in Engineering, Information Technology and Project Management. The faculty offers both coursework and research based programs.

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