Mulligan said the report doesn make clear the financial

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high quality replica handbags 26, 2018.Their lawyers would seek extensive Crown disclosure about the precise nature of each incident alleged by Plecas, seeking proof of any excessive spending or false expense claims, and they would scrutinize witnesses called by the 7a replica bags Crown for every incident described in the lengthy report, Cunliffe said.we can expect that a trial will be hard fought, and probably lengthy, she said.Michael Mulligan, a criminal lawyer in Victoria, said the Speaker allegations in the report point to conduct that may have been inappropriate, but which could fall short of being criminal.Mulligan said the report doesn make clear the financial controls at the legislature, and so a big question is whether the behaviour described in the report was done within whatever policies were in place. Over four months in 2010 while he was chief elections officer.going to have to be looked at is whether the spending practices that are alleged, if they are true, are things which were in accordance with policy, which might have just been too lax, or were they something beyond that, Mulligan going to be required to sort out whether what went on here was simply somebody felt like he was entitled to his entitlements which might have been very generous or was it something that went beyond that, into the realm of the criminal. With files from Rob Shaw, Tiffany Crawford andPostmedia high quality replica handbags.

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